Daejeon Family Photo Session: Min Family

Cherry Blossom season has easily become one of my favorite times of the year to photograph while in South Korea. There seem to be so many locations with blooming trees all over the city that it’s always challenging picking one to photograph. One place remains special to my heart – Mokwon University campus – where cherry trees are in abundance, the locations are diverse and interesting and the crowds are nonexistent.

Min family and I have worked together in the past during a wonderful autumn-inspired family shoot at the National Cemetery in Daejeon. So I’ve decided to invite them for an update to their digital family album with a complimentary session during my favorite season – they happily obliged!

The first location by the pond next to the tennis courts offered some lovely morning light. This is my favorite place to go to when I have a break between classes or to meditate.

The next location (between C and D buildings) has some great shoot through branches, which are awesome for the framed shots you see above. No drone required, I climbed to the balcony of one of the nearby buildings and voila!

Four people provide for a nice variety in poses and combinations. But don’t forget to photograph each person on their own too (especially kids and their colorful personalities!)

Finally, we ascended a small hill in order to reach my secret location. It’s in plain sight but remains undiscovered by students, who shouldn’t be trusted with their Selfie Sticks at this steep hill anyways. They have been known to twist their ankles while walking down the stairs (true story!). Anyways, cherry trees are so abundant on this “secret” hill that it has been featured in 99% of my cherry blossoms photo sessions.

Finally, individual shots of parents with their darling kiddos is the icing on the cake of this awesome spring-infused session.


I hope that you enjoyed this look through Min family’s cherry blossom themed session this year. I’m always eager to capture your family’s memories during a special event or time of the year. Let’s get in touch about your upcoming session! Or see more from my portfolio.

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