Daejeon International Wine and Spirits Fair 2016 – Photo Essay

What: 2016 Daejeon International Wine and Spirits Fair

When: 10/28-10/30, 2016

Location: Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) and Hanbit Tower Plaza for performances and food trucks.

How much: The price has been growing over the years, but it seems to have finally stabilized at 10,000krw for 1 day’s entrance fee and a glass of wine. A swinging deal if you ask me, especially if you can get yourself on the Press Pass list.

How long: 11-6pm, but you’d have to show me drinking warrior who can withstand the entire day without taking a nap somewhere in the corner.

Why: The holy grail is the center section (or A1), which is designated as the pour your own and as much as you want, as frequently as you want, all the while secretly testing your stamina, your patience and your true warrior spirit.

Personal best: 1:30-6:30pm and I pretty much remember all that happened! Hooray!

Every year foreigners and Koreans alike wait giddily for Autumn to come. For some, it’s to admire the gorgeous fall colors of the surrounding trees, for others, it’s the arrival of the International Wine and Spirits Fair!

This year this momentous event greeted us in October (as opposed to last year’s September) and was a nice combination of Halloween celebrating and all you can drink wine. Sadly, this four day event got reduced to three days instead, but if you played your cards right – even one day was enough!

As per usual, you’re greeted by a large number of booths, ranging from wine companies, wine wholesalers, health check, wine foot bath, cheese companies, wine arts and crafts, other liquor companies and god knows what else. Last year, a doctor at a health booth told me that my vision was less than ideal. Did he even realize how many glasses of wine I’ve had at that point?!

On a Sunday afternoon, when all the vendors start closing down, you have a chance to purchase their wines at a discounted price. 20,000-50,000krw bottles get reduced to 10,000-20,000krw!

Overall, despite the next day’s hangover, this festival is definitely the most amusing, bringing international companies under one roof – all for one good reason !

Sunday afternoon also brings a special type of show- a Sparkling Show. Check it out below.

Did you make it to the Wine Festival this year? Did you stay for the Sparkling Show and got douched?

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