Daejeon Maternity Session: Kimberly and Andy

Nothing gets me more excited than photographing people while cherry trees are in bloom during their ever changing and almost unpredictable nature. This year it felt like we got maybe a weekend with a few days on each end of perfect photogenic weather and then it was rain, wind and other less than desirable conditions. When you’re scheduling a cherry blossoms session with me, I always make sure that my clients leave plenty of wiggle room during the final weekends of April so that we both make sure to catch the blooms in their absolute best.

Kimberly contacted me with the hopes of capturing her special time while expecting their first child with Andy. We discussed outfits, locations, dates and time and were ready to roll before the blossoms bid their adieu. At this point its no surprise that I like to utilize a very familiar location, which also happens to be crowd-free and beautiful – Mokwon University where I also teach. Working here, I can not only enjoy the blossoms, but also keep an eye on their development and eventual demise.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the beginning of our session.

While the 10 am light was already surprisingly harsh, we moved to the side and into the shade where back light was working its wonders.

My favorite image from the session must be this one, it’s full of movement, happiness and of course, the cherry trees look fantastic!

While most of the cherry-filled images that are normally shot incorporate people standing near or in front of them. I think a much more romantic perspective is to photograph people standing under them, while shooting from up above. The challenge is to find such a location that doesn’t require climbing trees or bringing a giant ladder. Luckily, one of our buildings is located within reach of some trees and perfect openings in the branches make it one of my absolute favorite spots on campus (it just happens to have me shoot from inside a restroom, luckily its female).

Walking to our final location, I couldn’t help but notice a not so solo tree upon a small hill and thought it would make this unique minimalist-type image.

Finally, arriving at my “super secret” cherry tree-filled location up on a hill, we played around with a few sitting down poses to showcase the absolute plethora of trees all around Kimberly and Andy.

Thank you to Kimberly and Andy for being awesome during this session, even if we did have to fight off some ants in the process haha. I wish you nothing but the best and the happiest future as parents and I can’t wait to meet little munchkin.


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