Daejeon Natural Heritage Center

With summertime on the horizon and the temperatures slowly getting outside of our comfort zone, let me recommend a FREE indoor venue where you can not only escape the heat and humidity but also learn and discover!

If you’re anything like me, as I get older, I become more and more curious about the things that just didn’t pique my interest back in school. And having the gap of 17 years since high school and 13 years since university, sadly not much has stuck around in the dusty noggin upstairs. All is not lost though, with the falling asleep to the various documentaries on Youtube, and the likes of Astronomy, History, Geography, and Physics becoming oddly interesting again. Is it because the shows are viewed with the latest visual effects, the soothing voice of Neil Degrasse Tyson, the ability to go at my own (ahem sleeping) pace, or the fact that it’s for pure pleasure? The answer may be a combination of all the things or that in my older age I’m simply “nerding” out.

Natural Monuments Plants section of the center showcases a replica Jondori pine tree and tells stories of how trees and people live in harmony throughout this country.

At the Natural Monument of Animals living in Fields, Marshes, Rivers, and Seas, don’t miss the likes of golden eagles, white-tailed eagles, swans, white-naped cranes, hooded crane, and Eurasian spoonbills. And of course, the spotted seal exhibit is also available there.

Natural Heritage Center wouldn’t be complete without the mention (or a large section) devoted to Korea’s and Japan’s most argued over island – Dokdo. In case you didn’t know “Dokdo is Ours” (all Koreans will unanimously tell you), so enjoy this part of the exhibition with a shrine to this small rocky area.

Towards the end of the exhibition, keep your head up, because you’ll witness none other than a real cloned Mammoth that you can feed and pet!

Just playing, of course!

Either way, check out this “fossil sample of the Korean peninsula Mammoth” that you can see and touch!

Finally, there is also a place called The Specimen Management Division, which was established as an open storage type building. It’s the first of it’s kind in Korea and offers hands-on experience programs, which are open to the public. To make an appointment, check out the contact information below.

Whether you’re escaping the heat this summer, looking to take your kid somewhere educational, want to take a stroll and check out some well-made animal and bird mounts, or want to impress your date by taking her somewhere NEW, then visit Natural Heritage Center and “nerd” out!


Open Hours:

9:30 – 17:30 in the summer season (March – October)

10:00 – 17:00 in the winter season (November – February)

Closed on Mondays

Admission: FREE


Natural Heritage Center

Address: 927 Yudeung-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon 35204

대전광역시 서구 만년동 유등로 927

TEL: 042-610-7610


Getting there

Take the local bus line number 618 and get off at the Natural Heritage Center.

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