Daejeon’s: Oasis Cafe

Have you ever walked down some back alleyways DURING THE DAY and still felt like your chances of getting mugged/murdered/made over were pretty good? Well, then I know the place just for you, but the actual destination is actually quite serene, unexpected and clean.

Fellow minimalist wanna be’s, coffee lovers, traditional architecture appreciators, concrete-obsessed and people without back problems – all are definitely welcome at the OASIS!

Located among the rubble behind Daejeon Station, this quaint and cozy coffee shop, is the newest project where the city is encouraging regrowth of the old buildings and neighborhoods. Around this area, aged buildings are supported in order to give them life as a new coffee shop or art gallery.

The decor is very modern – clean lines, hand full of materials, metal light switches and lots of natural light.

There is another room behind the main building, which also has seating room, AC and more, wait for it, wait for it – CONCRETE (and backless chairs).

Walk up a set of stairs above the bathroom and find yourself on the roof terrace, which overlooks the other Hanok roofs and buildings that surround this area. It’s lovely, but I wonder how long one could last on those metal butt chairs.

I guess they don’t want us to linger, considering the seating furniture.

A friend of mine and I had a great time at the Oasis Cafe sipping on our Iced Americanos and chatting away. So grab your date, girlfriend or buddy and good luck finding this place and not peeing your pants 😛


Oasis Cafe and Bakery

299-213 Soje-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon

(042) 626-0075

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