Daejeon’s Top 8 parks

Daejeon sometimes feels like any other concrete jungle city, full of high rises, jooteks and everything in between. Let me introduce to you some wonderful areas for picnicing, sunbathing (with your clothes on please) and letting your kids/dogs run wild till it’s time for another Kimbop (Rice and sea weed roll).

Table of Contents

  1. Hanbat Arboretum (한밭수목원)

  2. Boramae Park (보라매공원)

  3. Government Daejeon Complex Park (정부대전청사 공원)

  4. Yurim Park (유림공원)

  5. Uam Park (우암사적공원)

  6. Ppuri Park (뿌리공원)

  7. Dongchundang Park (동춘당공원)

  8. Daecheong Dam Area (대청댐)

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Hanbat Arboretum (한밭수목원)

My favorite park in Daejeon, especially beautiful in the spring time, when flowers and trees start to bloom. Divided into two sections with a large concrete area in between for cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders. There is also a stage which has featured a bodybuilding competition in the past as well as occasional concerts and singers. Each section contains a medium sized pond and some traditional pagodas and bridges. No dogs or bicycles allowed inside each section of the park. Lots of photographic opportunities here!

Website in Korean 

What’s nearby: Daejeon Museum of Art (대전시립미술관), Daejeon Art Hall (대전예술의전당) and EXPO Park (엑스포과학공원).


Boramae Park (보라매공원)

Big and open park, which holds festivals and concerts throughout the year (such as DICC’s Together Festival or New Year’s Count Down and others). Open for dog walking or bike riding. Has a pagoda with an old bell close to the City Hall building.

What’s nearby: City Hall (대전 시청), Rodeo Town Mall (로데오 타운)(with Megabox Movie Theater), Galleria Time World Department Store (갤러리아 타임월드점).


Government Daejeon Complex Park (정부대전청사 공원)

A large park located on both sides of the Daejeon Government Buildings. Only the part on the east side seems to be accessible to the park and is great for picnics, dog walking or playing kids.

What’s nearby: Hanbat Arboretum (한밭수목원), Lotte Cinema Theater (롯데시네마 둔산점).


Yurim Park (유림공원)

A beautiful park with a small pond, ducks, geese, 2 performance areas and next to the Gapcheon River. Holds annual flower festival in the spring as well as other events throughout the year.

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What’s nearby: KAIST University, Homeplus Shopping Center (홈프러스), E-mart Traders (이마트트레이더스 월평점).


Uam Park (우암사적공원)

Another gorgeous park, but with a very traditional feel. It has Korean traditional buildings, a pagoda, a stone bridge and a small pond. Also a lot of hiking trails at an adjacent mountain. I love photographing couples at this wonderful park.

What’s nearby: Woosong University and Solbridge University(우송대학교 동캠퍼스).


A large park on the outskirts of town, known for it’s sculptures and art pieces, relating to the theme of filial piety. You can enjoy – a spring, a water fountain, a nature garden, a museum, a water stage, recreational forest and a natural observatory at this park.

Website in Korean

What’s nearby: Daejon O-World (대전오월드), Bomun Mountain Park (보문산공원), Hanbat Baseball Stadium (한밭종합운동장 야구장).


Dongchundang Park (동춘당공원)

Contains 3 traditional style buildings, one of which has been named Korean National Treasure. This park also hosts Daejeon’s largest cultural festival, which is happening this weekend (4/22-4/23, 2016). There will be traditional games, traditional Confucius rite, traditional wedding, Korean paper and book art, traditional teas, performances and food/drink available there.

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What’s nearby: nothing interesting that I could find, if you know, leave a comment below!


Daecheong Dam Area (대청댐)

Located near Daecheon Lake, this area is great for an afternoon stroll. Getting there is best by car or some, even arrive here on their bicycles, following the Gapcheon River.

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What’s nearby: Yeongam Temple (at the nearby Gubongsan Mountain), Chuibakjeong Pavilion (Daejeon’s 9th cultural asset) and Daecheon Lake (대청호).


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