DJAC’s 10th show recap

The Daejeon Artist Collective is wrapping up its 10th show as we speak (tomorrow is the last day for the public 9-6 pm) and I can’t feel anything but pride for my fellow members and friends. Over the years we’ve all dabbled in various types of art and expression, showcased in galleries cross town from small and cozy to high ceilings and wall paper (yea, I know!). We’ve gained new artists, while losing others to relocation or longing for home. We even had a space to call our own, albeit for a brief 10 month stint. Nevertheless, it’s been very exciting 5 years of exhibiting with this creative and inspiring group of people.

As this show is coming to a close and we move on to creating new work, sit around watching “Narcos” or prepare for the upcoming winter vacation, it is only fitting to showcase what the 10th DJAC show – the most interactive to date – had in store (ahem, the gallery).

You’ve got one more day (till 12/13) to witness some cool stuff by silk screen artist Christopher Maslon, watch the universe come into life in Shengen Lim’s App-driven work, read between the lines in Deborah Fallon’s piece about the Secret Service Interrogation Techniques, find out who did it in James Knaack’s “All there in blanc and noir” or wrap yourself in some soft artwork by yours truly.

What kind of host would I be, if I didn’t show off my own corner of the Wooyeon Universe: abstract photography, which you can wear and utilize in the form of super soft scarves and very portable and stylish two-sided totes.

Thank you again to Sveta, my Zumba instructor extraordinaire and friend for modeling these new designs and helping me bring this idea of wearable art to life! If you’re interested in purchasing one of these lovely designs or browse the gallery for other stylish variations, take a look inside my online stop.

Lastly, thank you for all our visitors and participants in various interactive art pieces, such as the one below by Sune Horn. 

The Daejeon Artist Collective is always looking for new and exciting artist to join our ranks, so if you or someone you know might be interested, get in touch!

For a list of current artist and our abilities, go here. 

Don’t think we’re a big deal? Here’s proof!

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