Fall Family Session in Korean historical Uam Park, Daejeon

Living in a country with such a distinct cultural aesthetic has been incredible, especially when this rich historical beauty is preserved, valued and even celebrated by many generations. I’m lucky to live in a city, where it’s doesn’t take long to find these photogenic gems – Buddhist temples, prehistoric sites, pagodas (on mountains and as rest areas in parks), old-style restaurants, preserved Hanok style cafes, and galleries and not one but two historic parks – Uam and Dongchundang.

A little bit about Uam:

Uam Historical Park (우암사적공원) celebrates the life and teachings of Uam Song Si-yeol (1607-1689). A Joseon Dynasty scholar in Taoism, he also served with the government with the Minister of General Management and later the Prime Minister. He’s credited with being one of the greatest scholars during the Joseon Dynasty.” Korea Bridge

“The shrine located behind the Namgansa Pavilion contains the memorial tablets for Uam Shiyeol Song, Suam Sangha Kwan, Seokgok Sangmin Song.  Additionally, Uam is home to other historical assets such as the first Daejeon City’s tangible cultural asset, the Songja Daejeon wooden printing block, and the first ancient monument, the historical site of Sir Pyeongnyon Park, and the tenth tangible cultural asset, the Gosan Temple, and the Samedang shrine. It provides expert explanations three times a day (10am, 2 pm, 4 pm) (probably in Korean only) ” Daejeon Metropolitan City website.

If you would like to learn more about this Daejeon destination, you can visit here or here.

So when Laurenza and her family expressed interested in a family session with symbols of Korean culture in the background, I recommended for this family from Sejong to meet me in Uam Park. Where the history is alive and the crowds are almost nonexistent even on a weekend. They agreed and in a few weeks, we got together on a warm autumn evening to memorialize their 10th anniversary.

One of the most important tasks as a photographer, I think, is being prepared. It helps to know the location inside and out and know exactly where you’re going. So after pre-planning the backlit, cob and stone wall as one of the first points, my second pre-planned location was actually the highlight of this park. I’ve done my homework and have discovered a magnificent tree, which I haven’t had a chance to shoot yet, but knew that would look insanely photogenic in the right conditions. Fortunately, this family was game with me dictating all of the locations that day. I think it turned out great:

As the sun was rapidly approaching the horizon and we were losing that perfect time of the day, we quickly moved to the next point. While photographing at this park, you might have to wait around for a few fellow photo enthusiasts shooting Hanbok-dressed couples or Cosplay lovers, still the park is quite large to accomodate everyone and their photographic needs.

After roughly two hours of walking around and photographing this photogenic family at Uam, it was time to pack away the equipment, get something to eat and head home.

Thank you to Laurenza and her family for making a stop in Daejeon for your new family portraits and I hope to see you again!


If you’re interested in your personal photography session, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to customize your session to your personal needs!

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