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My favorite lens that almost never leaves my camera’s body is the Canon 24-105mm f4. I just love this thing and here is why:

– Even though Prime lenses (fixed focal lenses) are sharper, I much rather walk around with a zoom, knowing that I can get a variety of shots without having to walk up close or back up. Sometimes certain situations or scenarios don’t allow to move around with ease (weddings, events, nature), so a zoom lens becomes very handy. Of course, once you zoom in to 105mm the chances of shake increase, but that is where the next item comes to help (see next line)

-Image Stabilization (IS) is immensely helpful whether or not you zoom to 105mm or stay wide (at 24mm). IS aids to minute movements caused by windy conditions, tiredness, weak wrists/arm muscles, low light conditions and others. I’ve learned that you should always keep IS on, unless you’re on a tripod. Some lenses do not have this handy feature and may be lighter in weight, as is the case with the amazing but super heavy Canon 70-200 f2.8.

-Image quality. I’ve loved Canon 24-105 from the first shoot I did with my young nieces running around in a sunlit park. Bokeh was wonderful, images were crisp and colors – vivid. Compared to my old Canon 28-135mm f3.5 – it was night and day!


-Price of the said lens was very affordable (for a pro or an amateur like me), especially for an L lens (Canon’s highest quality). I purchased mine about 2 years ago from Amazon for a little over 800 and over the years it has definitely paid itself of. Nice thing about better glass is that it keeps its value. Even some of the Mark 5D II bodies are selling alongside the 24-105mm, that can’t be Canon’s random pairing. They are on to something, I’m telling you!

-So what if at f4 it is considered a slow lens, I much rather have this lens with me than fast prime lens. For my style of shooting (family, portraits, nature), Canon 24-105mm is a lot more versatile. I rather increase my ISO than miss a shot because I was busy backing up or have asked a family to re-do what they were doing while I recompose.

If you don’t own or haven’t experienced this wonderful lens, borrow/test one and see for yourself!

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