Gallery D.A.C.

Gallery D.A.C. is a foreigner owned and operated gallery space in Daejeon, South Korea. It provides workshops, exhibitions and other events led by national and international artists.

Here are the upcoming events and exhibits for the next 2 months:

½-11 Rika Scholtz exhibition

1/3 Rika Scholtz Opening Event 7-9pm

¼ Rika Scholtz Mandala Workshop 5-7pm (5,000 material fee)

1/17-25 Alla Ponomareva (me) exhibition

1/17 Headshots event with Alla 2-5pm (get your headshots done!)

1/17 Alla Ponomareva Opening Event 7-9pm

1/24 Photographer’s workshop with Alla Ponomareva 2-5 pm (build your portfolio while learning about posing, lighting and practice with photographing models). Registration necessary due to limited space. Send an email to: alladotponomarevadotphotoatgmaildotcom

1/30-2/9 Hank Haddock exhibition

2/15 Johan Ahn Improvised concert 5-7pm

2/27-3/9 James Knaack exhibition

2/27 James Knaack Opening Event 7-9pm

Gallery address: Junggu Eunhengseonhwadong 205-10

중구 은행선화동 205-10

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