Gift ideas for a traveler in your life

Gift giving is a mystical creature – where do you go? what do you get? will they even like it? will they ever use it?

Gift giving for a traveler in your life can be equally as challenging if not more so! They are frequently on the go, they can probably buy more interesting stuff at a better discount by actually buying from the source country. Do travelers even have the time to shop with all the jet-setting they do and carry-on/suitcase limitations?

The answer is – get them something practical and relatively small, unless of course, it’s a trip Around the World – then GO ALL OUT!

As an equally addicted person to the drug of travel, let me introduce to you a few travel gift ideas from around the net that I know your significant someone is going to appreciate. In no particular order:

Portable foam roller tool for deep tissue self-massage

If you find the usefulness of foam rollers for your daily aches and pains, you don’t have to go without on your next trip. This tool seems to tick all the boxes – small, portable, versatile, and relaxing!

World necklace


For that special lady wanderlust who likes to subtly show off her love of travel with a quirky purse from Vietnam or a comfortable pair of fisherman’s pants from Thailand. Present her this very inexpensive (she doesn’t have to know) necklace, while she is getting ready, while gently lifting her hair and putting it on. How romantic! How James Bond of you!

Scratch off Map 


Finally, you don’t have to bug your friends and relatives if they’ve seen your latest blog posts. Show your personal scratch-off map as a giant hint as to how many countries you’ve been to, without having to sound pretentious by saying the number out loud – they can now see it and bombard you with questions about New Zealand or Iceland. Checkmate!

World’s Best Travel Jacket with 15 features by BAUBAX


Do you get chilly on those long flights? Do you frequently forget your eye mask while traveling? Do you wish you could fit your Ipad and a drink in one jacket without it feeling bulky? BAUBAX Jacket should be right up your traveling alley as it contains a shit load of features you’re bound to find helpful no matter the destination. They even have male and female versions in different colors.

Coin and Currency Collection bundle 

If you’re a big collecting dork like me and like to save up all those coins and currency from various nations, then you definitely know that they get bent, scratched, and (oh no!) water-stained all the time. It’s time to stop keeping them in glass spaghetti sauce and cookie jars and invest in some proper protective gear that won’t break the bank. Don’t want to keep them hidden? Get some 2nd hand coffee table, a bucket of Epoxy-Seal, and work your DIY magic!

Traveler Kit


Come out victorious with unplanned, but much-needed small traveling items (such as safety pins, anti-allergy tablets, earplugs, floss, or electrolyte replenisher tablets) when you’re in a pinch. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife that you hope to never have to use and you’ll be glad you packed.

Travel bra


Fellas, you’ll be hoping you had one of these when your passport or money goes missing in a foreign country (god forbid of course!) Ladies, let’s travel in comfort and feel safe while doing so. Since you’ll be sporting the “World’s Best Travel Jacket”, why not the “World’s Best Travel Bra” and you’ll be World’s Best Traveler for sure!

Unbound Apparel – the ultimate travel hack


Because we live in the future and Unbound’s Apparel is definitely an indication of that. They claim that it doesn’t smell, doesn’t wrinkle, dries fast, and regulates your temperature – hmm, does it smell like roses when you fart too?! I’m kidding, but their example of a dude wearing the same clothes for 40 days is definitely impressive. Currently, they have a t-shirt, underwear, and socks available from their collection. How about a girl’s version for this stinky traveler?!

An affordable action camera

No more excuses to not bring your camera due to its bulky size. You can even carry it with you on those action-packed adventures, while attaching it to your head, bike, chest, etc. Oh, yea! You can also swim with this bad boy and film yourself getting petrified by whale sharks in the Philippines or going surfing first time in Bali. Ridiculously inexpensive, very portable, and always in my travel bag! Yup, it’s a knock off, but don’t you know that this traveler is always on a budget 🙂

Gift Certificate from Adrenaline USA

As Matthew McConaughey once said: “Alright, alright, alright!” Maybe your traveler is a minimalist at heart and wants no possessions to keep him/her down, after all, we’re very transient creatures. Then, feast your eyes on one or more of the, you guessed it, adrenaline-filled experiences at Adrenaline USA – they have sky diving, white water rafting, helicopter rides, hot air ballooning – What?! been there done that? How about canyoneering, pilot lessons, dog sled rides, flyboarding, jetpacking and more! Uh-huh! I knew you or your traveling know-it-all haven’t tried-it-all! Give the gift of an experience, where you know they’ll be screaming: “Holy shit! This is awesome! Can I get down now?!”

Hopefully, the aforementioned ideas give you or the travel lover by your side an idea of what to get them/yourself this holiday season. Even if you just browse through the list, I hope you get the courage or the sense to travel, because as an Anonymous quote states:

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Unless of course, you have the World’s Best Bra, then you’re safely in control of your finances. 🙂


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