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While researching my travels or traveling to a foreign country, I always find it incredibly convenient to discover travel organizations that go above and beyond in making your trip comfortable, interesting and memorable. While Korea has a number of travel tour organizations as highlighted here, Trazy is the one that I use and would use if I were to travel in South Korea (or Thailand).


It has become common priority to purchase a Sim Card while gallivanting abroad, but airport kiosks don’t always offer the best of rates. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to research such details beforehand and even making the purchase before arriving to your destination? Trazy makes it very affordable to do just that – pre-purchase your Sim Cards or Wifi Eggs to roam the streets, with plenty of Data. They have a helpful post about Wifi Spots in Seoul as well as how to get your own portable Wifi here. 

While data (for short time travelers) in Korea is less reasonable than in other countries in Southeast Asia (compare to $5 for 9GB for 30 days in Vietnam), Korea’s internet is known for its one of the fastest or THE fastest speeds in the world. Worth traveling to Korea just to test it out for yourself!

Once you’ve pre-paid for your data services with Trazy, roam around their site to discover how you’ll be entertaining yourself while in the “Land of the Morning Calm.” Search by interests, such as:

Top 10 things to do

Seoul Vicinity

Jeju Island


Across Korea

and others

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Unlike most travel groups, you can also indulge in some other types of benefits of traveling to Seoul, with beauty and spa trips available here.

If outdoor adventures call your spirit, then enjoy the likes of hiking, zip-lining or summer beach fun adventures.

Traveling with children or a kid at heart, no worries, because wee ones can always be entertained at Theme Parks such as Everland, Carribean Bay or various Aquariums around Korea.

Have traveled all this way to get up close and personal with North Korea (or at least as close as they’ll allow it), then one of these tours is for you!

Culturally, there’s so much to experience and to learn, while impressing your Instagram followers and friends at home. Calligraphy, pottery, cooking, knot-making, lacquerware craft experiences and more!

A mind stretched by experiences, can never go back to its old dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

If you’ve been living under a rock, then on your trip you’d probably miss the opportunities to see famous spots and locations of famous K-drama and K-pop shoots. Just think of all the likes you’d get from like-minded fans. See what I’m talking about here.

Lastly, a visit to the capital would not be complete without visiting one of many incredibly talented performances and shows. For the latest events and show times, check here. 

And if you’re not completely sold on visiting Trazy’s website yet, then hopefully you’ll be inspired by some exciting adventures Trazy offers in Thailand. You can get your PADI open water certification in Pattaya, go snorkeling, Safari, City transfers, Zip-line adventures, River cruises, Amusement Parks and more await your arrival in Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand.



While nothing financial or otherwise was gained from writing this post, I am an acting Trazy affiliate blogger and if you visit the banners or links provided and travel with Trazy, you will not be charged, but I will get a small commission. It helps me to run this site and do more traveling and storytelling. I believe that making it easy for travelers to find and dissect travel information by highlighting well-rounded companies, like Trazy will motivate and inspire more people to travel and live through various experiences as opposed to obtaining possessions.

I’d also appreciate if you passed on this information on your SNS sites! Sharing is caring, remember?!

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