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Visiting my hometown of Smyrna, Delaware every few years always brings in a pleasant surprise in terms of new locations to eat, drink and be merry. Little did I know that while I was away, working in Korea, a new winery was slowly growing and establishing itself in the area. Thanks to my High School friend – Krissi – I was able to visit, enjoy and tour Harvest Ridge Winery in Marydel, Delaware (thanks to you too, Nicole, who was kind enough to take the time out of her day to showcase what this winery has to offer.)

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It is on the historic Mason-Dixon Line. In fact, one of the most unique features of the property is the existence of one of the Mason-Dixon’s original witness stone and crown markers – number 47 – located on the property” – Harvest Ridge Winery.

harvest ridge winery by www.allaponomareva.com

11 different varieties of grapes are grown in the vineyard, which include Vidal Blanc, Malbec, Muscat, Landot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Chambourcin, Cab Franc, Barbera and more.

We started our Wine Tasting by the bar, where a very friendly and welcoming bar maid April was pouring us drinks. The room is bright, inviting and could probably use a few more seats for those of us planning to stick around and chat.

harvest ridge winery by www.allaponomareva.com

The wine tasting, which is available 7 days a week, is a fantastic deal. For just $5 you get to try 8 different wines and you get to keep the glass! Considering the fact that I have never tried some of the varieties, I was happy to partake in the wine tasting, instead of buying by the glass or bottle (also available).

My favorite was their Country Bloom, which has floral notes and strawberry and banana aromas.

In the summer of 2015, Harvest Ridge Winery introduced a line of hard ciders, which they market under a different brand – Rebel Seed. Currently, they have four varieties available: Red, Hopped, Sparkling and Semi-Dry. Since, this novice hard cider drinker only thought that there are Apple and Pear varieties, I was pleasantly surprised to try Hopped Cider. It wasn’t as hoppy as I come to expect from hoppy IPA beers, but it was very light, refreshing and perfect for a summer day. Sucker for great deals, check out their typically $11.75 bottles of cider, sold 3 for $20 in limited edition boxes.

The productions area is similarly as impressive as all those winning bottles in one of the images above. Just take a look for yourself and I challenge you to not say “Wow!”

For the dog lover in me, I was thoroughly impressed that employees are allowed to bring their four legged friends to work. I think I love this place even more!

Sounds like a fun destination to visit? Visit Harvest Ridge’s event page to join on a tour, wine tasting, book an event, enjoy Sangria on Sundays, check them out at a Farmer’s Market and more!

Harvest Ridge Winery

447 Westville Road Marydel, DE 19964 302.343.9437

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harvest ridge winery by www.allaponomareva.com

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