How to Photograph Pets

Updated: Feb 27

I’m a dog person.

I’m a photographer.

I’m a dog person and a photographer or a photographer, then a dog person…

The dilemma is real, especially when you look at your old dog pictures and start criticizing their Shutter Speed or Composition. Uh huh! So I learned photography after I became a dog person, so there, it is solved!

“I have a dog, therefore I am!”

Now that’s resolved, let’s get on with this post and see what are some of the different ways that we can capture our furry babies:

Table of Contents

  1. In action

  2. Daily activities

  3. On holidays

  4. With you

  5. Play dress up

  6. Doing dog things

  7. Up close cuteness

  8. Keep the memories alive

  9. Facial expressions

In action

If boots are made for walking, then doggies are definitely made for running, jumping, crawling, rolling over, giving high fives, going in and out of your legs – all the commands (and then some) that my little 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier ‘Slonik’ can do very well (especially if there are snacks involved).

Daily activities

It’s fun to imagine that our pets are our babies because they are practically acting just like them. So capture it!

On holidays

Holidays would not be the same without a silly dog dressed in a silly outfit. Slonik was X-mas mascot that year and he didn’t even know it 😛

With you

We’re a dog family, who even let our baby K9 in our bed!

“I can’t live, with or without you”

Play dress up

What kind of mama would I be if I didn’t make sure that my dog matched my shoes, my scarf or my entire outfit? Ok, ok, I don’t normally do that, but wouldn’t it be funny if I had a matching Dinosaur outfit to match Slonik’s (hey, maybe I do!)

Doing dog things

Don’t forget to photograph your dog just doing what they do best – dog things.

Like that one time my dog just plopped on the dusty ground and took a nap. It was less funny when I had a hard time seeing him and started to freak out a little when his cute little snout came up from his nap.

Up close cuteness

Get out that macro lens or extension, or just get as close as you can (before getting bitten of course!)

Keep the memories alive

It’s always bittersweet to capture those precious moments with grandmothers and grandfathers because you know that life is too short…

Facial expressions

Pooches are like people in many ways, facial expressions included. So try to guess what Slonik was thinking in the shots below…

This concludes yet another Photography 101 post. I hope you enjoyed looking at my baby as much as I’ve enjoyed photographing him over the years. And this post comes at a time of travel, when seeing his cute snout is the next best thing while we’re away on vacation. Tear!


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