Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

In case you didn’t know, every city in Korea is famous for one thing or another (strawberries, technology, the dish of Bi Bim Bop, pears, ginseng, etc). Come spring, the city of Jinhae, celebrates it’s Cherry Blossom trees during a 10 day festival, known as Jinhae Gunghangje Festival. This year the festival ran from March 31 to April 10 and welcomed crowds of self-stick equipped, super eager and very romantic (how can you not) visitors. Oh yea, I was one of them, considering I’ve never visited Jinhae in my seven years in Korea. This year was mine!

I booked my ticket with Enjoy Korea, one of many adventure companies, catering to foreign and Korean wannabe travelers. Luckily for me, they’ve arranged a bus to pick us up from my city of Daejeon, as opposed to having to go up to Seoul (where most tours start off) and then backtrack down South. At 9 am we were off from Daedong Station, taking us about 4 hours (with much anticipated traffic) to get to our destination.

My mission was clear – capture anything and everything and then some! Alone I roamed the streets of Jinhae, not knowing my way around, just following where the Cherry Trees took me. And they took me all over town! They were everywhere! On every street I turned! It was spectacular!




We had 5 hours, before the bus picked us up to take us to the next location on our agenda (Busan for Holi Hai Festival – equally as fantastic!)

I came across food stalls with various delicacies of grilled meats, Jeon (Korean pancake with leeks, kimchi or seafood), Makkoli (Rice wine), International foods (or attempts at them) and of course – bondegi (boiled silkwarm pupae).



I saw kids enjoy themselves in various contraptions that made my own head spin.


I saw a Caricature Artist do a really great job and then got myself cloned.


Lastly, I finally found the spot that I was searching for all day – the Yeojwacheon Stream. No wonder I couldn’t locate it all day, it was hiding with hoards of people walking alongside it. Jeez! Talk about packing it like sardines!


We can complain all we want about the traffic or the crowds of people, all trying to do exactly the same thing I was doing – enjoying this wonderful festival, which apparently celebrates over 340,000 Cherry Trees!

And if it wasn’t for people, I wouldn’t have had my favorite picture from my day at Jinhae. Here it is…


Just kidding! The next one…


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