‘Lady in Red’ photo session in Daejeon, South Korea

Not a bad motto to lead especially if Miss Thing herself Oprah Winfrey had said it. You go girl!

And speaking of talented females, I once again had the honor and the utmost pleasure to photograph a business woman and a local Daejeon-based Zumba instructor Sveta Tabakova-Min. She also happens to be a very good friend of mine, who I’ve worked with in the past on other photographic projects.

This time the theme was dictated by the availability of a retro-type dress that she luckily owns, some Daiso (a Dollar-store equivalent ) purchased gloves, a head piece and an umbrella  (also, courtesy of the model).

Sometimes instead of purchasing/renting or sourcing materials and props, ask around to your friends, coworkers or crew and you never know what new ideas your next photography session might showcase.

Case and point this stuffed pheasant  and the chair here.

As a field trip part of my KAIST ISSS photography class, a few of my students and I met at Daejeon’s Hanbat Arboretum on one Saturday in May. It was a warm afternoon, perfect for Sveta’s short-sleeved dress and off we went to play for the next three hours.

Considering that Sveta is an excellent dancer and can move her body gracefully while posing, we didn’t shy away from asking her to strike a pose or a few.

Of course a few monochrome shots were in order.

A few shots of my pupils in action are always nice, to see the process of the session from a different perspective. And make the absent ones envious, hehe.

Next, came my absolute favorite setup with the tree that seems to grow from concrete.

I love everything about this shot: the leading lines, the color contrast and the pose!

Close up portraits were done in the open shade where the trees’s canopy ends and light begins. We also borrowed a chair you see featured here from a nearby coffee shop. Again, always be resourceful.

Finally, towards the end of our session, we created some moody shots with the shadows on the ground and more somber expressions.

I’d like to say thank you to Sveta for her time, ideas, grace and passion to help create beautiful images with me and my students. It definitely helps to surround yourself with the best people who help to motivate,  encourage and help you to be a better you!

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