Lil Cousins Photoshoot

Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded -Jess Lair.

Photographing children is always an entertaining affair. They are cautious at first, but with the right atmosphere can blossom into silly and quirky little person0alities right in front of your camera.

I got to photograph two cousins, Olivia (6) and Avoni (5), who were visiting with each other for a few days. We decided to do an indoor session with my new camera and background and some artificial lights I brought with me from Korea.

Shot with a Fuji xt10 and 18-55mm lens. 2 off camera flashes -one shot through a white umbrella, the other without any diffusion (lack thereof). Post Processing – Lightroom.

#children #cousins #posing #girls #photoshoot #smiles #session

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