Little elephant

My baby boy is 5!

Funny story about how we got to own this little Yorkie…

5 years ago we lived in a different neighborhood in Daejeon, where we would often visit a large grocery store, called Homeplus. It is common for grocery stores to have various shops on the different levels, such as flower shops, nails, electronics, pets, photo studios, etc. So walking past the pet shop, I would see a little Yorkie pup in a constant state of slumber. He was the only Yorkie there and I just couldn’t help but wonder why is he never awake. One day I walked in and asked if he was a sick (obviously I didn’t know a lot about puppies at the time) and my second question was “How much?”

With this new information, I went home and extensively researched Yorkies, their habits, illnesses, character, etc and was certain that I was ready to be a dog owner, the only convincing I had to do was to persuade my husband that it was a sound idea too.

He was not enthused one bit and I thought all my hopes were gone. On Valentines Day of that year, my ever so Un-Romantic husband handed me his credit card and gave an approving nod. I brought little Slonik home (he was so tiny, he fit in one palm) and all Garrett could say: “ Wow, didn’t think you would actually go and buy him!”

It sounds crazy, but he is my model (when no one else wants to pose for me), my best buddy, my little trilingual practice dog, a portable heater, a world traveler (we take him with every summer), protector (which is super annoying) and alarm (wakes me up by licking, begging to be fed).

Happy 5th Birthday little pooch!

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