“Lucky 13” DJAC exhibit’s personal recap

Selecting photographs to exhibit at a show is no easy feat. While some photographers leave it up to an online vote from their fans, I usually base my decisions on my gut. Exhibiting twice a year kind of puts a natural pressure/motivation to produce work. Luckily for us teachers, who get two vacations a year (during the winter and summer months), traveling becomes not just a way to sight-see, relax and unwind, but to also scout out some new gallery-worthy locations/episodes/moments that will hopefully WOW! the crowds.

This year’s vacation in Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos filled my hard disk with thousands of snaps, which I narrowed down to just four that were exhibited at our DJAC Spring show.

Here they are in no particular order and the reason why I chose them:

Teaching photography helps me to focus on having to explain the reasons why certain images are better than others. This image stuns me with its dueling colors – blue and red. While the blue boat contains a red and yellow box, the blue path leads us to the sun-rising sky, which also contains the colors of blue, red, orange and yellow. It is a peaceful morning in Langkawi, Malaysia and fishermen are about to wake up and start their busy day.

This image was cropped from its original version (which I prefer more actually), which is featured below.

While the emphasis is definitely on the blue boat here, a column seemed distracting in the cropped image and was carefully removed in Photoshop.  Which image do you prefer more?

This image has a whole post dedicated to it here and I just love this perspective of the normally short Malaccan architecture. Visitors of this quint Malaysian town may assume that it was taken from a drone, but thanks to a very comfortable Airbnb accommodation, no additional drone purchase was necessary. While waking up before sunrise is one of my lease favorite things to do, sometimes you just gotta will yourself when the view from your personal window is that great!

Lots of photographs were taken of Kuala Lumpur’s Batu Caves’ monkeys but this one stood out to me the most. I love the diagonal lines, the complimentary colors of the aging poles and of course, the connection between the two main subjects. Even though mommy monkey turned away, the emphasis is centered around the baby and his will to HANG ON! It is a quiet, maybe even a personal moment, but when you visit Batu Caves, the space definitely feels all sorts of chaotic and slightly dangerous with monkeys jumping, walking, sliding, stealing and fighting.

The last image, selected for the DJAC exhibition was also taken in Langkawi, not too far from the red and blue bloats. The sun was rising, everyone but me (or so it seemed) was asleep, so photographing was almost meditative. The water was still, the boat was gently rocking and the poles center in on the subject, giving it zoom-like perspective. The lights from the nearby restaurant are illuminating the poles so as to not give them just a black, silhouetted shapes. I love the sky and the palm trees in the background, which help to tell the story of this tropical paradise.


Thank you for tuning in or stopping by our exhibition. If you haven’t, no worries, there will be another one in the fall! Hope to see you there!

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