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Malaysia may not seem like a very popular destination in SE Asia in comparison to tropical Thailand, diverse Vietnam, history-filled Cambodia, or Yoga-retreat-central Indonesia. But when you encounter the nicest people (even the ones that aren’t depending on your business), the best multinational food (nationals of China, India, and Portugal have settled there, just to name a few), and very diverse photographic opportunities that encompass gorgeous beaches, historical architecture, stunning temples, lush mountains, vivid cityscapes and more. On top of it all, Malaysia is incredibly affordable and when you’re a budget traveler like me, that means that you can extend your vacation from weeks to maybe even months!

So, let’s bask our senses in all that is Malaysia:

Table of Contents

  1. Kuala Lumpur

  2. Malacca

  3. Penang

  4. Langkawi

  5. What to do and where to stay in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

While for some, Kuala Lumpur is just a transfer destination, this city of approximately 1.7 million people has a few notable sights. Just get a pass for the Hop on Hop off the bus and you can probably see most of them in a day or two. Most notable being the two Petronas Towers, which have been featured in movies, have a very competitive viewing platform (only 1,000 tickets are sold daily) and provide for a very necessary landmark-guide when you’re lost. The vicinity is always crowded, but what can you do when 25 million people visit Malaysia annually.

My choice for a neat place to get away from the city proper is to take a train to Batu Caves. You’re in for another crowded treat, but this time you’ll be sharing your sightseeing time with MONKEYS! They will watch you like a hawk and any possibility of stealing a treat from you, so keep your belongings/drinks/snacks hidden!


Malacca got on my radar when a friend of mine let me borrow his book of watercolor paintings of the city’s most notable buildings. I knew that it’s probably going to be a photographer’s dream and it was/is! Walking around Jonker street, tasting Nyonya cuisine, marveling at the architecture, and snapping away – that is my ideal vacation and Malacca didn’t disappoint. Only 4 days in this lovely city was just enough to feel like I got the idea of its vibes and that I’ll be coming back soon.

Can’t forget the amazing Airbnb apartment (sadly, no longer available) we stayed in, it had the sexiest pool ever, a gym, a department store on the bottom floors, and a very annoying card system that got me stuck inside an elevator numerous times (Is anyone there, HELP!)

Just check out our view below and more examples here

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Known as the food mecca of Malaysia, home of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very highly diverse population of Penangites (with large Chinese, Thai, Indian, Eurasian, and Siamese populations). I also have a photographer friend residing there, so we got on an inexpensive flight from Malacca’s brand new airport and made our way to Penang.

The coolest thing for me about this city is that you can walk around the streets of Georgetown and feel like you’re in India, then cross the intersection, and WHAM! you’re now in China. Would you like to purchase a sari while having dumplings for lunch – no problem! That is my kind of city: where everyone gets along despite their status, language, religion, background, etc.

My favorite place in Penang has got to be the Kek Lok Si Temple – it’s the home of 10,000 Buddhas, looks gorgeous at night, and has a lot of quaint spots to get those IG-worthy selfies.

My second favorite place in Penang is the stunning Peranakan Mansion, which not surprisingly has been visited by various heads of state. When I say that pictures don’t do it justice – I mean it!


Hop on a ferry and make your way over to Langkawi where your main To-Do list is beach time, go island hopping, and of course to experience the steepest cable car in Asia!

Known as the archipelago of 104 islands and proudly called “The Jewel of Kedah,” Langkawi has a population of over 64,000 (and at least one giant lizard that you don’t want to see because you can’t unsee something so petrifying and then sleep merrily at night). Yes, lizards that have a striking resemblance to crocodiles walk freely around the island. On the other hand, where else should they inhabit, Kuala Lumpur?

Here are a few pictures of Langkawi non-lizard things to help this blogger sleep at night 😛

What to do and where to stay in Malaysia

Have you traveled around Malaysia? Have you encountered a lizard in your travels and screamed like a girl? Leave a comment below so I know I’m not the only sissy 😛

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