Mandalas Workshop

Here are some mandalas from a workshop a few weeks ago at Gallery DAC. Creating these fun circles was not as hard as I thought but at the same time if you had a design in mind it seems like it’d be hard to bring it to life. The bottom design was my first and was just a random mix of doodles, leaves, hearts and semi-circles. It was really neat to sit around with friends, doodling, coloring, countouring, like we were 7 years old again. The second one (above) was done on the fly, when I had some waiting time at the workshop. This design was an inspiration from the song and intro footage of the TV Show “Weeds”.

Apparently mandalas were a form of meditation for Buddhist and Hindu monks and can be found in a variety of cultures and representations. If you’d like to learn more, check Wikipidia’s page on mandalas and try to make your own! Mandala on Wiki

These mandalas remind me of the abstract work I do, where I take one photograph and move it around, replicating it, until I create a design that speaks to me. In a future post I will explain how I create the abstract designs that you have seen in my exhibits or Social Media posts.

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