My Top 10 Articles from 2021

Updated: Feb 27

We all know what has been the most popular topic of 2021 (also of 2020), but hopefully not as much in 2022. Despite what has been in the news and on everyone’s minds, I hope you spend time reading and consuming different types of content, perhaps some of it uplifting, educational, inspiring, or simply funny. It is important for all of us to keep our creative juices flowing no matter how many more years or months this Pandemic is going to linger. So without further ado, let’s check out which of my 2021 posts were the most viewed/read. If you read any of them throughout this year, thank you!

Jeju Olle Trail 16

Take a guess if this post was #1 or #10 most popular this year?

36 Unique Airbnb stays on Jeju Island

I really enjoyed researching and writing this post. I’m a huge Airbnb fan and Superhost!

The Complete Guide to Posing in Your Travel Photos

Another fun post, inspired by another blogger, made me dig deep into my travel archives to find those selfies!

Jeju Olle Trail 8

One of many Olle Trails my hubby and I tackled while in Jeju.

Jeju Tangerines Picking Experience

A very fun December experience if you ever get a chance!

12 Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

An oldie but with 2021 updates and links!

20 Most Popular Airbnb Experiences in South Korea

Another well-researched Bucket List of ideas for when things go back to normal.

Crystal Ball Photography among Cherry Blossoms

You know my love for photographing with a Crystal Ball combined with Cherry Blossoms just had to become a post!

Jeju Island Must-See: Folk Village Museum

This picturesque museum is located near my favorite Jeju beach – Pyeoseon. It’s a one, two, punch when visiting Jeju Island.

Jeju Olle Trail 6

Another detailed post about one of Jeju’s many Olle Trails. They are my favorite pass time activity while visiting Jeju-do.

Jeju Olle Trail 16

It’s no secret that Olle Trails are a great way to sightsee Jeju-do, so much so, it made my Top 10 list 3 times!

So there you have it, Top 10 (+1 bonus one) most popular posts from Alla Ponomareva Photography in 2021. Traveling for me has always been a rewarding and inspiring hobby and in the past 2 years even more so. 2022 is sure to bring a lot of changes, and I can’t wait to share them with you. So stay tuned for very exciting adventures which may or may not be Asia-based 😛

Stay safe and healthy!

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