My top destinations out of Kuala Lumpur

Living in South East Asia for the past nine years have definitely been incredibly helpful due to the sheer proximity to other countries for this travel blogger. If you’re dying to conquer your Bucket list by visiting as many countries as you can AND on a budget, then you’ll want to keep reading…

First of all, Kuala Lumpur (no it’s not a type of cat or a distant relative of Koalas) is a great destination to visit and just so happens to be the hub of Air Asia’s 165 destination flight network. The operation in KL is so impressive, they’ve recently opened a second terminal – KLIA2. Of course, walking through the airport, don’t be surprised to be greeted by the neon signs of a dozen or so other carriers, which is all the reason to put Kuala Lumpur (airport code KUL) on your radar, dear wanderlust!

What are some of the more notable places I’ve visited from KUL in my nine years here: (See if you can guess them by their airport initials)

Table of Contents

  1.  BKK

  2. LGK

  3. REP

  4. DPS

  5. HKG

  6. TPE

  7. DAD

  8. SIN


For me, Thai food has forever implanted itself on the winning podium of international food with its perfectly spiced curries, aromatic rice, Pad Thai and everything in between. When you stuff your belly, you must make a point to visit the palaces, especially the magnificent Grand Palace! Answer: BKK = Bangkok, Thailand


A beautiful island, not too far from Penang, Langkawi planted a time capsule of great memories in my mind with its gorgeous beaches, waterfalls and of course the famous Cable Car, which takes you into what seems like 7th Heaven. Once you get there, get your camera ready for the architectural wonder of what is a suspended bridge (whose supports disappear somewhere into the clouds). Answer: Langkawi, Malaysia


You don’t have to be religious to be blown away by Angkor Wat – world’s largest religious monument, UNESCO world heritage site and the reason you’ll be waking up before dawn. Sunrise at Angkor Wat draws a crowd and for a good reason. Make sure your batteries are fully charged because you’ll be snapping away for hours and feel like you’re back in 12th century (minus the selfie sticks). Answer: Siem Reap, Cambodia


My first time seeing rice terraces (and not having to hike up to them) was on a rainy day, during our Indonesia trip two years ago. We drove all day on a taxi tour and this was our final stop, albeit humid and wet, the terraces were enormous and covered multiple hills. I could only imagine what they look like from a Drone’s perspective. Answer: Bali, Indonesia


Weather you come for shopping, for the Symphony of the Lights, for the Peak, the dumplings or the egg tarts, this city is large and in charge! Love seeing this “world’s most crowded with skyscrapers city” either covered in Christmas lights or in my boat’s window as I’m venturing off to one of its off the coast islands like Lantau, Lamma or Tai O. Answer: Hong Kong


This small island is known as “the most populous state and the largest economy, which is not a part of the United Nations,” but you won’t really feel that busyness that you might expect. Also known for its hot springs, world’s previous tallest building, Chinese Opera performances, this quaint little country is ideal for that long weekend getaway or if you need a weekend getaway from Taipei, look no further. Answer: Taipei, Taiwan


No curfews expected in this parentally-sounding city, but MAMA, bring your bikini and don’t be shy! There are around 3,000km (around 1800 miles) of shore and beaches are aplenty. But don’t let me stop you there, the food in Da Nang and all around the country is phenomenal (and weird), the lifestyle is inexpensive and you can even find yourself in a tribal home-stay experience up North, near Hanoi. Or check out my 2 week itinerary recommendations around Vietnam here. Answer: Da Nang, Vietnam


Nope, Sin City is not the answer to this Southeast Asian destination, but good guess! Actually, still on my list to visit, this place has me Pinning the likes of Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios Theme Park and night time photography spots. To help assist with your search, allow me to recommend this Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flight ticket and maybe I’ll see you there getting your selfie at the Merlion Park! Answer: Singapore


Image courtesy of Stefano Ravalli via Flickr

So weather you flight booking online, or in person, without a doubt, KUL should definitely be in your departure search field, because:

The only thing that you buy that makes you richer is TRAVEL! (Unknown).

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