Photography 101: a sunset minute by minute

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. -Aaron Rose

If you look into improving your photography,  there is no need to spend any extra money, or take another workshop or class (which are helpful but still are rarely free of charge.) You also don’t need to spend any time on YouTube videos, books or How To Pinterest graphics. Nope, neither do you need to listen to a Photography related podcast, get a mentor or go through an internship  (again, all are quite helpful in their own ways).

Chances are that ALL those sources will probably drill you the same token of knowledge anyways:


Throughout the day, take a note at different qualities of light. The easiest would be to observe a person’s face and the types of shadows  that fall on it. Some are black (strong light, high noon, not flattering (think racoon eyes).

Some shadows are more pleasant, light grey or nonexistent  (morning or late afternoon sun).

Most photographers don’t even unpack their equipment at high noon, preferring to capture portraits or landscapes during the sexiest hours -one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

I’m not much of a morning riser, sunsets on the other hand seem to luckily coincide with hubby’s happy hour. While I skip my sunset beer (there’s always time for that), off I go into the sunset (sort of speak) for my equally as happy photographic time.

Yesterday was one such evening and earlier check ensured Koh Lanta sunset was scheduled for 6:28pm, so walking out an hour before, gave me plenty of Golden Hour moments to capture.













With all the prior shots done handheld, I took out a tripod for the last few captures, when there weren’t as much available light to shoot at slower shutter speeds of 1 or 2 seconds.


In conclusion, observe how different light quality interacts with your subject. Photograph more during the Golden Hours of the day. Don’t  stop taking pictures because its getting dark outside, slow your shutter speed and use a tripod. Go back to the same location during different times of the day/season/weather.

Tune in next Wednesday to check out my traveling gear (which consists of 18 individual items,which fit into a single carry on with all the other stuff.)

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