Photography 101: Multiple perspectives

It may not come as a surprise to anyone from this day or age that we’re living in an overly saturated world of travelers and image makers who not only visit very similar spots but also photograph them in a very analogous manner. It’s typical to spot a group of people who stand together and shoot the same subject from the same perspective (usually at our eye level). At times, people follow the others, standing in their perspective, thinking that they are on to something “different.” Likewise, the Internet is littered with the monotonous images of famous destinations, taken during a very similar time of the day, with corresponding settings and appear to be processed very alike.

I have an idea: “Stop the madness!”

To stand out from the hoards of traveling shutterbugs, make your artwork pop and the audience go: “Whoa! Incredible!”

There’s a solution: Always shoot from multiple perspectives!

Exhaust your creativity (and burn some calories), while you walk around your subject and capture it from different angles (perspectives). Shoot it from down below (yup, get on your belly), get up high (think bird’s perspective or a chair will do), shoot through things, go vertical, then horizontal, incorporate different elements near your subject, capture it at different times of the day (light plays a huge role in photography), incorporate people doing usual and unusual actions, use props, use different settings on your camera, use different lenses, use different filters, capture it during a different weather pattern or season (if possible to return). Basically, use kind of “spray and pray” mentality, which is normally frowned upon, but very appropriate in capturing a variety of images that will give you chance to choose best of the best later. Why take just one and then kick yourself for not getting the focus/settings/time of the day/perspective/etc right, instead photograph the S@#% out of it!

My example to this lesson comes from visiting the famous Sundial Bridge in Redding California, whose rare shape and form forced me to photograph it from as many perspectives as I could find, and boy, did I find a few!

14 images from the same place taken in about an hour. Sure, with the change in weather, time, lenses and other aspects, my shots would evolve and vary even more, but you get the idea of what our two feet and a creative mind frame can accomplish.


Now, I challenge you to pick a subject, an item or place and go bonkers! Try to capture as many as 10-20 different perspectives and you might just surprise yourself and utter: “Wow! Incredible!”


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