Photography 101: On motivation

“Everyone is a God damn photographer!”

Or so it feels these days, doesn’t it.

But owning a camera or a phone, doesn’t make you a good photog. I still see tilted horizons, crooked building lines and way too many out of focus shots on Facebook. And if you ask about the point/main idea of the photo in front of you, there usually isnt one either.

But I get it, photography is personal and unless you make a living off it, there isn’t much motivation to constantly carry your gear or making it a regular activity like drinking a beer because it’s 5pm or eating a donut when drinking a coffee (or is it drinking a coffee and eating a donut?).

Staying motivated and regularly practicing this craft can be challenging, and let me tell you after 8-9 years, photography sometimes feels like a chore. Shooting and editing is undoubtedly time consuming and on many occasions I wait for that muse to strike. And then I wait, and wait, and wait…

Just recently, I came back to Montana, with my hubby, as we do every summer for the past 6 years and I didn’t capture anything for a good week or two. Thinking that I have shot everything on our property a zillion times, I couldn’t get myself to just go out there and explore with my camera.

“I don’t do plants, I know nothing about the flaura and fauna, I’m over shooting deer,” I thought.

My motivation at all time low, I had to look forward to completing my Project 33 selfies by September and shooting our family 2018 photo. And then it rained…

Awoken by the unnecessary loud rain drops agains our metal roof, I enjoyed seeing them on various plants in our garden, the low gloomy clouds hanging in the distance like angry eye brows directed right at me.

And just like that, I grabbed my 6D with my go to 24-105 f4 lens and off I went, motivated, prompted, encouraged by the smells, sounds and visions before me. I just had to explore this new world…

Surely it has rained on your property in the past, but I haven’t been there in 10 months and if a little insignificant voice tells you to explore and grab your gear, you gotta listen!

Here are a few of my shots from that wet morning.

For more inspirations for your photography endeavours, don’t forget to not just look around but to read and research too. For example, a very talented photographer I know – Peter DeMarco has compiled this very extensive and very handy list to get you started if/when your motivation starts dipping below the horizon – 77 Actionable Photography Goals to Inspire You!

Keep on shooting!

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