Photography 101: same place, different day/weather/season

Hello, dear photography enthusiast!

You’ve come to the right place to discover a new skill, a new trick, or a new tip to add to your photography arsenal. Remember, to improve in this fascinating hobby, the recipe is simple: learn, practice and repeat!

So today’s lesson is quick and simple ( I’m on vacation and all), find a great place to shoot. Somewhere with great composition and where you can return to time and time again. It may be a public park, a beach, your own backyard, or a view from a balcony (mine was exactly that and I had this place booked for only 4 nights.)

Pick your variation – will your images vary by weather, season, or simply a time of the day (with the most convenient being the latter of course.)

Fortunately, during our 4 days stay at our Melaka Airbnb accommodation, I was able to witness and capture 3 different scenes from our balcony. With each being so different and distinct, it’s hard to find the motivation to leave the premises when such beauty unfolds right outside the window.

The first image was taken when we checked in around 5 pm

This second image was harder to obtain as it required waking up before dawn (one of my least favorite sacrifices in the name of photography, others being freezing your fingers off or hoping to avoid a meet and greet with a bear while taking a night time shot in Montana’s wilderness.


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The next image featured, occurred unexpectedly during an afternoon rainstorm, which was visible from afar. Edited in monochrome, the emphasis is strictly on the clouds and rainfall that is making its way across Melaka. By the way, it was over and sunny in about an hour.

The last image was also taken during sunrise on our last day in Melaka – today 🙁 It rained yesterday, so the chances for a cloudy morning were pretty good. Today the clouds parted to reveal some oranges and pinks of the rising sun. Now you can really see that no two mornings are alike!

In conclusion,  while I was happy with the first image of the 5 pm view, it is obviously not as strong as the others. So, next time you find a pretty sweet spot to photograph, don’t just settle for what you see, come back and then again and again at different times/days/seasons/weather and you too will surprise yourself!


Have you ever photographed the same place but achieved different results?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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