Photography: A self portrait

The creation of the new avatar starts with an idea. Dark, high contrast and smoke was my new idea after a girly, flowery Sue Bryce inspired selfie of the past. I put to good use my hookah and after about 200 shots got pretty woozy off a wonderful lemon flavor 🙂

Since I used a pretty harsh light source (bare flash, hoping for the optimal definition of the smoke), post processing included some skin fixing, sharpening of the eye, the smoke and adding a bit more contrast.  The light was positioned to the right of the subject at 90 degrees in an attempt to blackout the other side of the face completely.

Strangely, it looks like the smoke might have been added in PS, but as you can see from the failed shots that smoke in fact was present, in my face, lungs and on the poor camera.

It took just the right exhale large then quickly bring your face to natural position to get the final shot.

#smoke #portrait #bampw #blackandwhite #selfportrait #contrast #selfie #hookah #flash

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