Photography: Self Portrait, Sue Bryce inspired

So excited to share with you my brand new avatar. I’ve been procrastinating to update my avatar since my hair change (blonde to red), because a selfie requires lots of patience, ideas, makeup, hair, shower and post processing of course (maybe not in that order, but you get the idea). Photographing someone else takes half the time, but a self portrait is incredibly time consuming. I enjoy photographing people Sue Bryce style (google her if you don’t know) and thought that I won’t ever get the chance for someone to return the favor, until I looked in the mirror!

Hands – they were my primary focus and concern. Sue calls them “Ballet Hands” and I wanted to portray the softness and elegance of dancers. Then, was the connection and expression, which is strange to do because there is no one to feed off of or ask if it looks right. Just click and check(I have a flip screen), click, check, click, check and continue for as many shots as it takes. To make matters more complicated, there is a reflector sitting on my knees just below the elbows and my hair had a mind of its own too sliding down my shoulder. And it was rather humid (I deleted sweat droplets from under my chin, hehe).

Set up was super flattering for a woman’s portrait – clam-shell lighting. You can see a small shadow under my nose, so you can tell that my main source of light (shoot through white umbrella with Youngnuo flash and SMDV trigger). To complete the set up I placed a white reflector below my elbows in order to bounce the light back and fill in the shadows. Lastly, I placed a white see-through material behind me with a video light illuminating it, creating a bright white background. In the past I used a white wall, but it always turned out grey.

Post processing was done in Photoshop with Nik Software and MCPactions pack.

EXIF: iso100, f4, 1/50sec. Flash set to either 1/8sec or ¼ can’t recall.

What do you think about my Sue Bryce inspired shoot? Comments are always welcome!

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