Photography: Selfie

A new selfie

I’m back from a short trip to Hong Kong to celebrate New Year and visit one of my old friends from Delaware. Over the holiday I’ve realized that I had no decent headshots that are worthy of sending out to a prospective employer. I ended up sending an old picture, still with blonde hair, luckily, they didn’t seem to mind.

The idea for the new shot was simple – a light leak and emphasis on my sorta new reddish hairdo. I utilized the help of 2 speed lights, one with a red gel, another with a warm yellow placed behind me and 240 shots later you see the final results. This was my first time playing with 2 flashlights as well as with some  gels, more practice definitely is needed.

Speed light settings 1/8sec, triggered with 2 FlashWave III receivers.

Camera settings : iso 400, 1/50sec, f4.0-5.6 ( I played around)

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