Portrait: a kid

While walking to our resort in Sabang, Palawan, Philippines, a group of kids was yelling at Garrett and I. No they didnt ask for money (like in Cebu), but they wanted a picture! I was very happy to photograph the kids because sometimes the locals are not thrilled with having their picture taken, but when they ask you themselves – its a small holiday in my mind!

I took some shots of kids fighting for the spot in the front, when this little man started crying (what is it with me and crying kids…). I thought that he missed his chance or wasn’t happy about others taken away his spot light, so I made it a point to take just his portrait in order to make him happy.

He folded his hands and made a pout and I laughed cause he has definitely done this before! What a character and you can see someone in the back cracking up at how silly the boy is!

Later did I notice that he was pants-less and there is a strategically placed hole in his shirt. Well, I decided to keep the crop, because it ads to the atmosphere. Most kids running around Sabang are covered in dust, with torn clothes or lack clothes altogether. But the best part about Filipinos is that they don’t worry about the hardships of life, instead they embrace optimism and smiles in all they do. What a great motto: Don’t worry, be happy!

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