Portrait: a little girl from our travels in the Philippines

I’m back after almost 3 week hiatus in the Philippines with my hubby. Internet was not widely available during our travel, or if it was it was through a tablet device. Long story short it was a challenge trying put up my weekly portrait assignments on this blog in a timely manner, so instead I saved them for when we came back.

This photo was taken on Feb. 5, 2013 and satisfies the requirement for a portrait to be taken between 2/4-2/11!

About this shot – Taken with a Canon G11 (hybrid between a DSLR and a point and shoot). I chose not to travel with my DSLR due to the weight issues and the possibility of it getting stolen or damaged. So as you can see the quality of this shot is not perfect, especially with some filters in PS. Either way I like this picture, because this little girl was the youngest in a group of children playing around a cemetery in Oslob, Cebu. She started crying for an insignificant reason, because as soon as I started photographing her – she stopped! As you can see she has a small frown, while her enormous eyes are curious about what is it that I’m doing.

Afterward, her grandfather asked to see the picture and was very pleased seeing her on my camera screen. He was kind enough to join us when his store clerk friend invited us for a Karaoke session. We drank San Miguels, sang and learned more about Philippino culture.

What a great afternoon in the Philippines!

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