Portrait: Aaron

This week I’m especially excited to share a shot of the week. Photos are like great dishes – planned in advance, thought about and executed with care!

The location of this photo revealed itself a few months back, while riding my bike home. I thought it was a great, I just needed a subject.

Aaron has been a friend of mine and my husbands for a while and I’ve always known and admired his musical abilities.

When the idea came to mind about including Aaron under the bridge, I didn’t anticipate that he’d buy a pair of great, bright orange pants in Tokyo and pair them with a sweet blue hat and top. And on top of Aaron’s awesome fashion sense, he always carries with him a small amp, which fit perfectly into this scene. Not to mention, it makes the scene appear more real, as though he is actually rocking out under a sweet bridge…

All this shot needed was a pop of light to illuminate and bring Aaron out from the shadows of the background. This was accomplished with a portable umbrella-softbox with a Canon 430ex inside. Not sure what the power was, but here is the exif data for the camera – ISO 400, 1/200sec, f6.3.

I’m extremely satisfied with this portrait of the week and can’t believe my “dish” came out so well done! Thanks to the model, the great weather and for random but great locations while riding a bike!

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