Portrait: Anjali

This week’s portrait is of already featured and absolutely stunning Anjali. After shooting her on a bench for one of the previous weeks it was obvious that with a face and eyes and hair like that, she’d make for a stunning close-up model. I was right!

This shot was done with window light as the main source and gold reflector as secondary. Luckily, Anjali had brought a friend, who was able to not only do her makeup but also be my assistant. Finally, an assistant! I can’t describe how awesome it is to have someone else holding the props, so the photographer can fiddle with lights and technical aspects. If only that was the case for every shoot, haha. One day, one day….

All three of us played with makeup and hair and shot each other, so it was pretty cool to be a photog and a model all in one shoot. Surprisingly it only took about 3 hours.

Exif data: ISO 800, f2.2, 1/200sec. No retouching done to the whites of the eyes and teeth – crazy huh!

Thank you Sarah and Anjali for your time, beauty and hope to shoot with you some more!

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