Portrait: Elissa

This week’s inspiration headshot came from Peter Hurley. He goes for a very bright background, lots of light from below, left and right of the model, which creates wonderful catchlights in the eyes as well as a complete emphasis on the face. My set up was a bit more modest, but either way I’m very happy with the result!

A white shoot through umbrella shined from above Elissa and spilled the light on the white wall behind her. A mirror below her chin provided for the second catchlight and two white panels on opposite sides of Elissa contained the light all around her face.

We played with numerous poses and expressions but a Elissa’s smile was a winning combination for this portrait of the week. She will be performing at the Vagina Monologues in Seoul next month and I wish her nothing but luck in her future endeavors.

#portrait #smile #photography #catchlights #peterhurley #headshot

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