Portrait: Garrett

If you’re following closely, it was only yesterday that I posted my missed assignments photos from our trip to the Philippines. That left me with only a day to complete the homework for this today’s due date. Since we’ve only been back a few days and I havent gotten to recruiting a model to pose for me, I had to convince my husband to stand in. One massage promise later, my ill-feeling Garrett was putting on his finest attire to be my “muse of the week.”

His shot idea came from seeing Adam Levine’s SNL hosting shot (http://splitsider.com/2013/01/snl-review-adam-levine-hosts-a-stellar-night/). The idea was simple to create layers, but I had to make it more dramatic than with female shots I’ve been doing. To achieve a narrow beam of light, photogs usually use a snoot or a honeycomb grid. Unfortunately, I do not possess either and instead decided to fake it. I remembered from one of the photo videos that simply collapsing a softbox creates a narrower beam of light. So that is the trick that I used here and not having a diffusion panel wasn’t a huge problem, since I was shooting a man, not a soft, beautiful woman. He played a bit with expressions and this one I enjoyed the most. Plus I didn’t want to identically copy Adam’s shot, just be inspired by it.

Hope you enjoy my final result as well as thought processes behind my decisions.

Next portrait is due by March 4!!

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