Portrait: Jenny (inspired by Lindsey Adler)

This week was a pleasant surprise when my fellow photographer friend brought a red-haired friend, Jenni, to our shoot. She has a spunky style and personality which go fantastically with her stand out locks. It ended up being a red-themed shoot. Some of the other photos will follow after this post.

This week I was determined to try out my new toy – a prism. Inspired by Lindsey Adler and her prism shoot (http://blog.lindsayadlerphotography.com/prismatic-fashion-editorial-zink-magazine. ) Of course I didnt anticipate that it’d be a freezing day and both the model and I would be shaking uncontrollably. Either way I got some trial shots with my $3 prism and plan to use it again in the future! The possibilities are endless with every twist and turn, not to mention different lenses, apertures, weather conditions, locations, subjects, etc. The world of photography and its possibilities is expanding on the daily bases for me – daunting at times, but completely inspiring and never ending, this hobby is crazy Amazing!

About the shot – ISO 400, f6.3, 1/320 sec. Shot through a prism with adjustments made in PS.

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