Portrait: Laura

Luckily for me, Laura now resides yelling distance away – super! This time around I asked her to pose for a portrait glamour session, full of personalized hair and make up, Sue Bryce posing and of course – natural light. She agreed and I had the pleasure of rummaging her closet in search of suitable outfits. Good think she was going away on vacation shortly and didn’t mind me rearranging a thing or two.

Laura can be pretty silly, but when I asked her to connect with her eyes and expression – it was magical. Such an easy subject, I wish everyone was similar to Laura – a pleasure to work with, photogenic and totally promo model material.

I made a composite of 9 of her pictures for a “Together Festival” booth this past weekend. It got a lot of compliments, while I gave out my business cards and had folks sign up for a free mini photo shoot. Results of that are coming soon!

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