Portrait: Laura in Hanbok

I’ve been planning and dreaming about this shoot for weeks! The most important part was to find a Hanbok (in case you don’t know it, it’s Korea’s traditional dress, still worn at Weddings and other big occasions, including your baby’s 1st Birthday). Luckily, a friend of mine has one and was happy to let me borrow it for the shoot. Typically worn by Koreans, I decided to approach it from a different perspective and asked a fellow friend to pose in it. Laura, who posed with her hubby for me before, was more than eager, because she has NEVER worn a Hanbok before! So she was thrilled, I was thrilled and after finding some sweet locations I knew it was going to be fantastic.

The weather was also in our favor when the morning of our shoot it was cloudy! Photographers love overcast skies, because it means there are no shadows on the face and the sky becomes one large softbox!

Laura’s hubby came along to help out (yay, an assistant!) and he was more than helpful directing light with the reflector ( or blocking it, because the sun did come out towards the end of our shoot).

Overall, it’s so wonderful to plan and prepare and see something finally come into life. This shot, for me, embodies elegance, softness, mystery and story-telling. The location is gorgeous, its all about Laura and the bright colors of Hanbok and finally, it’s not a typical standing up, hands folded by the waist Hanbok shot. I wanted to deviate from the norm and this is my final result. What do you think?

Natural light, iso 100, f2.5, 1/800sec, 50mm

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