Portrait: Lisa

Buddha’s Birthday in South Korea is a day off, woo hoo! For me, a day off is a great time for some personal work and photo shoots  My friend Lisa expressed interest in posing for me and my wheels started turning about the theme, location, accessories, etc.

I don’t get tired of talking about being inspired by Sue Bryce and her posing styles. I believe that paying attention to nuances, details and especially hands will make a great photograph stand out from a good one. Sue’s pointers extend beyond hands, covering shoulders, neck, hips and curves. It is not as easy as putting a hand there and click. As a photographer, you have to take everything into account – light, composition, technical points, distractions, model, expression and the list goes on and on. For me, this is the most exciting part of photography – combining all the factors on top of making my model look stunning!

For this image, we wrapped a see through fabric around Lisa, making her look like a bride. It was not intentional, rather a lucky idea.

Shot with natural light around 11am on a sunny day.

For some reason, can’t locate the EXIF data…:(

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