Portrait: little Olivia

This week I’ve been traveling yet again and this week’s portrait came along at the last minute (that seems to be the trend recently). Olivia is my husband’s niece and she was sweet enough to play dress-up with me. She put on one of her prettiest dresses and was totally cool when I asked her to sit and pose by the mirror. I loved the composition of this photo with the warm lights, wooden trim of the house, and various toiletries laying around.

I asked her to brush her hair and once she found a hair clip, she went nuts – laughing, giggling, and being silly. I chose this picture as the final one because I love her concentration. She looks like she pampers herself like this all the time, sitting on a cushy pillow and making her 3-year-old self ready for the day.

EXIF: ISO 1600, f4, 1/160sec.

#dress #princess #reflection #portrait #child #girl #mirror #brush #pillow

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