Portrait: Meghyn

One thing that any photographer has to keep in mind is to always be ready for changes that arise. This week I was supposed to shoot an Engagement shoot with some friends, but the groom-to-be was of no avail and it was just a solo shoot with the missus.

Meghyn is a very photogenic and versatile model and was a pleasure to work with. She has wonderful cheek bones, great hair and sexy curves that I think are properly represented in this shot.

At a typical shoot, I take about 300-400 shots and its always a real challenge narrowing it down to just ONE! This week, again, it was sooo challenging to conquer this task, but someone’s got to do it.

Why I love this shot – its full of drama and mystery! We achieved that with a dark blanket under her and another blanket serving as the background. I placed a snooted flash in a 45 degree angle above Meghyn. She moved her hair around and when she reached this position I asked her to hold it, because the eyes were nicely camouflaged by tresses of her hair and the S in her curve was very emphasized by the lack of eye contact with the eyes. I added the reddish filter to the entire photo to make the blue blouse pop and to emphasize the curve even more.

Exif info – f4.5, 1/125sec, Iso 400, 28mm on canon t3i lens 28-135mm

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