Portrait: Raisa

Raisa and I decided to do a shoot together and since she has tall windows in her apartment, it was perfect location for the inside shot. I placed a sheer fabric on the window, as well as the background and the opposite wall of the balcony in order to shower her with light. I saw a similar set up done by the amazing Sue Bryce and wanted to recreate it. Oh, by the way Raisa was my first pregnant model, so I was a bit nervous knowing that my images will be her memory keepers of this time in her life. Sure, any shot is a memory, but how often are women pregnant in their life times.

The shoot took place between 11-12am, and the sun was alright high and bright. I didn’t mind, because we created a large softbox with the sheer fabric and the larger the source, the softer. We played with the poses and the fabric (it wasn’t as easy to keep in place or to keep it looking effortless). An assistant would have been ideal, but establishing comfort with the model is key and we made it work with just the two of us. Thank you to Raisa for letting me be a part of her memories!

Iso 400, 1/200sec, f4.

#daejeon #pregnant #photography #woman #maturnity #pose #pregnancy

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