Portrait: Sasha

My favorite photo taken this week was not an easy choice. First of all, during my photo shoot with a friend, Sasha Velvet (don’t you love her name!), I’ve taken over 555 shots. Narrowing those down to the most successful ones, I’ve come up with 82 photos. When I started editing them, I’ve devoted most of my time to 14 chosen ones, which left me with a very hard decision as to which one will be my starting point for the 52 week project I have ahead of me.

About this photo – it reminds me of the magnificent Ditta von Tease – the dark hair, edgy hair cut and of course the accessories. Would you believe, Sasha brought a suitcase worth of accessories. She thought it was too much, but I thought “How great, lets play!” So we played dress up and shot a bunch of shots with different poses, different facial expressions (Sasha is a pro, no direction necessary) and props.

For the technical geeks here is the exif info:

Camera: Canon t3i, 28-135mm. shot at 35mm ISO 100, 1/160 sec, f6.3.

Light: She is facing a large window, combined with a triggered flash inside a small softbox and a mirror as a reflector (hence the soft light and nice catch lights in the eyes).

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