Portrait: Self portrait

Her dreams are vivid…

My dreams are vivid… This week I decided to do a selfie, because it’s been a while and its always a challenge running around, trying to capture a concept that I had in my head.

The idea started with some Dollar Store butterfly stickers that I thought would make up for a fun/girly shoot. Second idea came from another photographers (can’t recall which, since I watch youtube videos of all the different photogs out there) shoot. That shoot involved models posing as Sleeping Beauties with their eyes closed, with gorgeous make up and furniture around them.

Ideally, I wanted to create dream-like atmosphere, with a diffusion done in camera. Unfortunately, holding an object in front of the lens (for the diffusion), as well as pushing the remote control and trying to pose all in the same time was more than I’ve bargained for. 500 shots later, nothing was working and I settled for creating diffusion in post.

I used Lightroom to import and select the photo, as well as modify the contrast a bit. Later, I worked in Photoshop taking away minor blemishes and converting the image to B&W.  I used Nik filters in order to give the image some glow and diffusion. After this, I used Mask feature to combine two images together and bring out the brightly colored butterflies on the B&W image.Butterflies also received some sharpening and done!

EXIF: ISO 200, f3.5, 1/125 sec.

Flash fired through a shoot through umbrella camera right.

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