Portrait: Svetlana

This week’s assignment photo was very different from my typical natural light or one flash light set up. My mom, also a fellow photographer, has pretty sweet studio lights that I got to play with. We tried out clam shell lighting with 2 lights and the subject in the middle, as well as overhead light with a reflector. I believe this particular shot was done with two softboxes acting as clam shells. This is evident from the catchlights in the eyes.  After playing with high key white background, I decided to change it up and go darker. I like how the brown background is making the subject stand out.

Out of over 150 files, my mom ended up choosing this image as her top favorite. I think its definitely a winner – her smile, expression, twinkle in the eyes, composition and light.

EXIF: iso100, f11, 1/200sec on 50mm 1.8 lens

Now, can you guess how old Svetlana is? Either way, I’ve got pretty good genes…

#portrait #beauty #woman #glamour #pose #headshot

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