Project 33 – 33 selfies before my 33 Birthday

As a freelance photographer, I find doing photography projects very fulfilling and motivating. For example, there was the LOVE Project which motivated me to seek, meet and capture the love between two people or the projects people are passionate about. Project involving a Crystal Ball helped me to focus my traveling photography though the confines of a ball, which I not so eagerly brought on my trips (its heavy!). Both projects lined up with upcoming DJAC exhibitions, which gave me an end point and a way to share my final images with others.

In January of this year, on a whim, I came up with Project 33 so as to help me find a way back to Self Portraiture. With an upcoming birthday nine months away, I thought it was plenty of time to create 33 images of myself (selfies don’t quite cut it as they have a whole new meaning in today’s Iphonography culture). I wanted to push my creativity, my motivation, and my time management abilities despite the location/vacation/circumstances I found myself in for the next nine months.

The images were broadcast on my Instagram account, later shared on Facebook and the final 8 images will be shown here (due to the time constraints). So get comfortable, put on you favorite fuzzy socks, grab a Green Tea Latte (my fav) and let’s go!


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Inspired by the shadows on the floor by my bathroom (who said that self portraiture was glamorous?!) it took a few tries to get the right angle of my face and the lines to align. Here are a few more options that didn’t quite cut it.


Inspired by the Vitruvian Man and flat lay photography, this one was a no brainer considering our upcoming trip. But setting it up took a bit of thinking and planning. Final shot was taken with my Iphone5 and edited in Prisma App (for funk flavor).


While on vacation in Malacca, Malaysia, we were lucky to have stayed in an Airbnb accommodation with the most epic pool I’ve ever been in. A picture was in order!


Having a bath tub is not usually a luxury I’m accustomed to, so when I do, my creative gears start churning and a selfie is born! Of course, I had a few to choose from…


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When in Rome… put on a Nonla hat, take a boat ride down the Mekong and don’t forget to snap!


Back in my tub I went with some Ramen noodles, forks and a very confused husband doing the snapping.

A tripod would have probably made it a selfie, but who needs one when you have a willing husband and the whole session takes you minutes as opposed to hours (still my concept, my execution, my editing = my selfie!)


Valentines day while on vacation at the beach – what could be more romantic than the smoke stack on the horizon…:(

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Laos – its quaint streets, photogenic corners and peaceful and quiet afternoons. I was pretty pumped when I found this composition across the street. Always keep your photographic eyes open!


The yellow colors of this Laotian Temple were perfect against my brand new shirt from Cope Laos. Visit them, support them!

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Not a huge fan of pink, but it just looks so good on me 🙂

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Back in Korea, spring brings us the most anticipated festival – Cherry Blossoms. Who could have thought that my campus would be covered in them and the crowds have no idea. I think I had pink eye on this day, hence the selection of poses.


This image took the longest to set up out of all 33! The pheasant was stuffed and the Holly Mary look just kind of evolved from the accessories I had.

While the IG post crops this image into a square, I do prefer this one  SO MUCH MORE! IG you suck!


And then I discovered the PS tutorials of Youtube and wanted to play while flowers were in bloom here in Korea. It took forever to figure it all out for some reason or another but the final piece is pretty cool. Don’t you think?

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My creativity dwindled a bit half way through the project and I decided to feature an image one of my photography students took of me at a recent field trip. Well exposed, good crop and a pleasant expression = Great job Jonathan!


Having a notepad of ideas for my upcoming selfies, I wanted to do something unique with my hair. A windy and cloudy day on my balcony helped to create this silly photograph.

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Of course there were other versions, but in this one my hair makes a heart!♥


This one probably doesn’t need an introduction. But I was hoping that the difference in our pretty eye colors would show.


At times, I’m inspired by the photographic work of others and for the following image I watched the show The Crown and couldn’t help it by be inspired by Princess Margaret iconic photograph by her husband – Antony Armstrong-Jones.


After Margaret, I felt like my creativity was soaring, so once I gathered a few accessories, two external flashes and the Alien was born.

By the way, the purple was originally red, but purple spoke more to my Funk Desire.

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With the spring semester behind us, my hubby and I departed for the land of bears, beautiful sunsets and endless cheap beers – Montana. This is home!


Home, aka Montana, is full of projects where we use our hands, feed our creative juices and build some cool shit!

This is A-frame, in case you’ve been living under a rock, she was built in 3 weeks with only $700 and some recycled materials. This summer it was featured on Zillow and someone even got engaged there and I captured every second of it!


Getting ready for the annual Hohn/Miles family photograph, I purchased some multicolored dust used in Holi Festivals and Color Runs and our session became pretty dirty, pretty quick (emphasis on pretty of course!)

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Always looking for an edge to my photographs, I found it in a simple window’s reflection. It took a few runs back and forth to get it just right. Om!

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August brought a visit from my mom and a new roadtrip around California! Luckily, she is also a Beer Lover, so stopping by at one of my favorite imports into Korea – Lost Coast– was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! FYI I used to dislike hoppy bears like Indica, just to come back to them and become a total Hop Nazi.


Again, Instagram, I don’t dig your square thumbnails, which don’t do justice to images like the one below.


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The last image on IG is of my first – Black Sand Beach. Our roadtrip to CA finally took us closer to shore and I couldn’t believe my eyes!


Hello, the largest trees I’ve ever come across in my entire life, across 20 some countries I’ve been to. Redwood trees (Sequoia semperviren)  – you are the highlight of my trip and I bow to your magnificence!

And this is my mama, my roadtripping and photography master!


Suck on this, Instagram! A panorama!


More trees from California, because I’m in love! And this afternoon light is gaw-jahz!


I drink Beer AND I drink wine! You kinda have to when you’re visiting Napa Valley and Anderson Valley regions of California. I thought I died and went to heaven and now I’m back to Earth drinking cheap wines again 🙁

#30 (so close to the end, it hurts)

Not the most imaginative selfie, but I don’t care, I’m seeing finish line at my horizon and this is yet another first – The Pacific Ocean!


Now you’re looking at this and thinking where am I hiding?

I’m everywhere!

Figuratively of course, since this was our Summer 2018 project with the hubby. It was a root cellar shed, turned accommodation for friends and family – about 175 cozy square feet with the views to die for! It goes on record that someone said: “This is great, when do I move in?”


Look who is getting his and hers 15 minutes of fame! We are!

Zillow came out to interview us about our A-frame cabin and we couldn’t say no!

I felt like I was back in my university days doing STN (Student Television Network). Good times!

#33 Yay!

I’m my family and my family is me (dog included).

We hiked Holland Falls near Holland Lake and had just enough energy left for a single joyous jump!


Whew-wee! That is the END of yet another successful project!

Here are a few of the stats from it and keep reading this blog for my future photo projects.

P.S. I know, I totally misspelled countries 😛

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