Review: Woosong’s Sica Restaurant

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TRAVELING!

But sometimes 12,000krw (around $11) for a three+ course meal is all you need in order to satisfy your craving for some foreign cuisine.

Not sure when I’ll find myself wandering the tulip fields of Holland, the fields of barley in Ukraine (again) or the fields of freshly grown white and red wine bottles in Northern Italy (in my dreams they grow ready to pick on some very strong vines, lol 😛

As luck would have it, I found myself free during lunch times during one of the most delicious times of the year. European Style menu is available by the famous Sol International Culinary Arts School (SICA) at Woosong University and its talented students. During a four week session, two groups of students are either serving the guests or preparing the dishes. After two weeks they switch, giving them a chance to try the other. This, is like their practicum before they enter the real world of international cuisine, demanding pallets, multi-course dining experiences, cheap tippers, sharp knives and lots of cut throat competition.

For me, as a customer, it was food heaven, as I quickly reserved three different dining days with various friends.

New day brought a new menu for two weeks straight, I got myself on the Ukrainian/Polish, Hungarian and Northern Italian cuisine trains:

First, was the Ukrainian/Polish Cuisine, which was so near and dear to my heart, I just had to put on my Ukrainian embroidered dress and invite just the right people who would truly appreciate this special occasion.

The menu called for:

I know, you’re probably looking at Amuse Bouche and wondering: “What in the world, (insert High School’s French Teacher’s name), I have no idea what that is?!”

Neither did I!

So when a large plate with enough food for a family of ants came in, I figured that I JUST WASN’T WORLDLY ENOUGH!

It looked like this:

It was smoked salmon (or 1/1,000,000th of it) and some pear sauce with a leaf (for contrast in my picture, I’m sure!). But it was delicious and I think it’s job was just that – to get my appetite going! Choo-choo!

The rest of the courses were a blur of Ohh! and Ahh!

Except for the borsht, which is best from my own kitchen – yup, I said it! bite me, I’m Ukrainian and I know!!!

Highlight of the Ukrainian/Polish Menu: Main Menu of Stuffed Pork with potatoes, pineapple, onion and gravy  – off the hook! I finished it all like a hungry non-vegetarian savage I am, worrying about the figure some other day!

Lowlight: Borsht was basically a broth, blinis with farmer’s cheese were a bit on a dry side. I like mine soaked with butter at every stage of cooking (oh yea, living on the edge of a heart attack!)


Menu #2 (for me) was on Tuesday, which was my first and hopefully not last – Holland-inspired!

The menu looked like this:

Beverage choice: Iced Tea, Iced Coffee or Non-alcoholic Cocktail

Amouse Bouche : surprise! (some kind of seafood concoction enough for half a bite)

Appetizer: Choice of Split Pea Soup


White Asparagus with Bacon, Salad and other small delicacies

Main Course: Braised Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

Desert: Panna Cota with fruity garnishes.

Tea: A selection of teas

Highlight: The beef was very tender and the mashed potatoes were yummy, despite them looking like someone puked on my plate 🙂

Lowlight: I could have eaten two deserts since the portions are usually small. My husband probably would have complained of still being hungry after a 12,000krw lunch.


The final day for me, called for the Northern Italian menu and as luck would have it, a bunch of pretty ladies and I got together to enjoy this scrumptious menu!

Some of us were less open minded when “Carpaccio” arrived and refused to eat the raw beef concoction, but yours truly doesn’t shy away from a challenge and engulfed the entire plate!

Another encounter with a pink beef, brought out the chef (Adam Roy), who assured us that the “pink beef” was actually cooked for 24 hours and is as done as it gets. That shows you how truly Worldly We’re Not!

Luckily, one of my friends had a birthday that day, so we were treated to a course of brownies and a very decorated plate (above). Everyone was happy, stuffed and barely able to ask when is the next European Menu in town.

“Next semester,” a nervous student answered, hoping his practicum was finally over!

Highlight: Oil and roasted garlic dip for a homemade bread in the beginning of our meal was great, very Italian. Polenta served with the short ribs was a great pairing to the meat, while the meat was tender, flavorful, but a tiny bit too small.

Lowlight: Panna Cotta portion was even smaller than the Hungarian desert, so luckily we got some brownies, because this girl can eat!


Thank you to the chefs, to the Culinary program of Woosong University, the students, the staff and my friends for making me not go there alone for three days! See you in the Fall!

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Have you ever had lunch at SICA ? Have you had food prepared by culinary students or students of other discipline offering you a service? If so, tell me how was it in the comments below.

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