Scarf Fashion photo session

Last Sunday, I got to photograph a very good friend of mine and my Zumba instructor – Sveta. We’ve been planning to get together to have her model for me as I get ready to exhibit my scarves, which were designed with my photographic abstracts. She gladly agreed to pose for me and we started brainstorming on various ideas of location, outfits and poses.

I chose the location to be my university’s campus. It provides different backgrounds – nicely treed areas, a surrounding mountain, various building designs, a fountain, sporting field, a pond just to name a few. The time was chosen for a hopefully not very busy Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly, there were families walking around, hikers getting some exercise and even students, shooting a movie outside, working on projects and just frolicking around.

Luckily, Sveta’s daughter was there to help us out as an impromptu assistant – fixing hair, make up and holding props. I never get to work with an assistant, so figuring out how to keep them busy is an extra task I didn’t think I’d have that day.

We had four outfits in mind, with the first one being a casual setup, which can be worn to a variety of places (out and about town, shopping, a picnic, walking your pet, etc) and brings a nice emphasis to the orange-blue scarf.

Then, we moved indoors for a different set up. There are some brightly colored walls inside our English Department building, which I thought might compliment one of the scarves nicely. A large window provides for a wonderfully diffused main light and we couldn’t do the rest without the assistant. The flying scarf is born!

The second outfit is a bit more sophisticated and can be worn to work, to a nice lunch with the gals, a concert, to church/religious establishment or out and about shopping.

We also did a few non-flying one with a different background and a different feel in mind. Students were probably wondering what in the world was going on, but my model was very professional and didn’t show an ounce of shyness/embarrassment.

For the third look, we ventured outside once again to find some wonderful autumn foliage surrounding a handsome-looking bench. Some students were shooting a movie nearby and were just as curious about us as we were about them. This outfit is perfect for a fancy date, a Korean wedding celebration, to work in a prestigious company or on air ( if you happen to be an anchor/reporter).

The above images just scream autumn beauty to me – from the location, to the outfit, to the elegant posing of the model. Who knew that an image of an electric tower could inspire photographs like these.

For the final, and equally as bright look (orange and green), I wanted to juxtapose the background with the outfit. I thought that against the grey, concrete stairs, Sveta would stand out very nicely in her chosen orange dress in my green scarf with Korean motives (Buddhist temple roof design). This outfit is for the warmer days and can be worn to any fancy situation you may find yourself in.

With all the changing, walking and shooting, this session ended up lasting a bit longer than I had expected, but luckily my model’s enthusiasm didn’t disappear (may not have been the case for the assistant lol).

Thank you Sveta and Diana for your help with this project. You girls were wonderful and it was time well spent!


If you’re interested in these designs, feel free to browse through my store, where you can also find other products with similar designs.

If you’d like to view/try them on in person, I’d like to invite you to our DJAC group’s 10th exhibition coming up soon. If you’re in the Daejeon area on December 10, 2016, come on in!

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