Scott Kelby’s Annual Photo Walk 2015

1000 organized walks all over the world with over 21,500 walkers taking part in Scott Kelby’s Annual Photo Walk, this years event was yet another success!

Sign ups started about a month in advance and with 23 people signed up, I was excited to meet my fellow walkers at Daejeon’s Eunhengdong neighborhood. Little did I know that there will be multiple cafes with the same name in the vicinity, but thanks to technology, we were all together in no time.

We pounded the pavement, while talking, snapping away and enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Some people had fancy cameras, while others opted out to bring just smart phones. All in all, on a sunny day the best camera is the one you’ve got (I myself, would sometimes prefer the weight of a smart phone over a full frame camera with a hefty lens).

After the walk was over at around 2:30 pm, we all gathered a Vietnamese Restaurant to enjoy a bowl of Pho and other delicacies.

Overall, it was a wonderful day, participating in my favorite hobby alongside thousands of other photographers doing the same thing around the world. And so what if most of us won’t win the Top prize, we’re all winners for doing what we love and sharing it with others!

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